When we get to work, you can rest easy, because we operate using a flat fee pricing schedule, which means the price you agreed to pay is the price you pay. We’re committed to giving you the best and most hassle free experience. When you choose A.R.E. for your next job, you’ll always get the following:

  • Flat fee pricing​ – so the price you agree to pay is the price you do pay.
  • On time and reliable scheduling with Accu-TracPro Tracking Software.
  • Fast, efficiency work completed safely and on time.
  • Specialty tools that can get into even the tightest of spaces.
  • Full time safety management.
  • Credit card, check, cash, and Net terms payment options.

Electrical Contractors

Whether it’s hiding unsightly telephone cables, or running conduit to power an entire community, A.R.E. has the skills and the tools necessary to tackle all of your electrical needs. We specialize in low to no impact underground drilling, so you can be sure that your job will be done quickly, efficiently, and you’ll be left with a job site looking just as good as when we started. We can work around almost any obstacle! Including golf courses, putting greens, gazebos, play grounds, side walks, driveway, patios, and sheds.

    Our electrical specialties include:

    • Installing Conduit
    • CATV
    • Telephone wires
    • Lighting
    • Security Systems
    • Street Lights
    • Red Light Cameras
    • Gate motors
    • Boat lifts
    • Low voltage landscape lighting
    • Remote electrical outlets
    • Overhead to underground conversion
    • Holiday lighting


    A.R.E. has a long history of working with municipalities to offer the best in designing, building, installing and maintaining the most challenging government project requirements.

    Our workforce of highly trained professionals and extensive equipment assets enable us to provide turn-key solutions for communications and energy projects. Our projects in the past have included installing conduit for street lights, red light cameras, monument lights, traffic signals, and holiday lighting.

    Our team consistently delivers results that meet and exceed client expectations, on time and within budget. As with any job, pricing is an important part of government work. When you go with A.R.E., you’ll receive flat fee pricing to insure that the price you expect to pay is always the price you pay. And, of course, with A.R.E., you can pay with Net terms
    or credit card once your job is complete.


    Here at A.R.E., we know that when you need work done on your home, it can be hard to decide who to call. We want you to know that for us, there is no job too small! Whether you need power lines buried, or a pipe run under your driveway, you’ll receive the same attention, quality, and professionalism that we offer even our biggest clients.
    When you go with A.R.E., you’ll enjoy the perks we offer all our customers, no matter how large.

    Difficult spaces are our specialties when it come to small jobs. We have the tools and the know-how to work under gazebos, playgrounds, sidewalks, driveways, patios, sheds, and more. We know how to work under rock, and through sand as well. Best of all with our low impact style of drilling, your site will look as good as it did before we started.

      Some of the many services we offer homeowners include the installation of:

      • Low voltage landscape lighting
      • Security Cameras
      • Remote Electric Outlet
      • Overhead to underground wiring
      • Holiday Lighting


From the power plant, to the substations, and even the light bulbs on the streets, our experienced managers and crew consistently deliver distribution services with an unfailing commitment to safety, restoration, and environmental concerns. We’re able to work around almost any problem, tight squeeze, even through rock or sand, and with our full-time safety manager on duty, you can be assured that your job will be completed without incident.

The A.R.E. team has all the appropriate skills and equipment for jobs that include high voltage work, duct banks, Priority 1 storm response, fault repair, transformer change out, primary/feeder pulling, switch cabinet, cable pulling, switching, make up, and testing.

A.R.E. offers unit pricing, backed by the promise of Accu-TracPro Tracking Software – making sure pricing, scheduling, planning, and day to day job activity is organized and on time.

New Construction

We know that being a home owner can be stressful. When things go wrong, it’s up to you to get it fixed, and it’s not always clear who you should call to help.

A.R.E. Utility Construction is dedicated to offering the same first rate service and skill to customers of all sizes. Whether it’s doing all the underground drilling for an entire housing complex, or just drilling under your driveway for an irrigation line, you can count of A.R.E. to get it done right, get it done quickly and get it done for the absolute best price.

Not sure if your job is too small? Just give us a call and we will be happy to give you a free quote.