A.R.E. honored by Vocational Rehabilitation

A.R.E. honored by Vocational Rehabilitation

Last year, A.R.E. Utility Construction was honored to be a participant in The Department of Education Division of Vocational Rehabilitation program by employing a person with a disability.

Vocational Rehabilitation is a federal-state program that works with people who have physical or mental disabilities to prepare for, gain and retain employment. They are committed to helping people with disabilities find meaningful careers.

Because of our commitment to equal opportunity hiring, we were thrilled to be recognized with an “Outstanding Employer” award alongside a number of well known employers including Publix and The City of Riviera Beach.

The people who support and work with Vocational Rehabilitation, including congressmen, commissioners, counselors, and employers, want to make one thing very clear: Getting to work enhances the independence of, and is one of the most important parts of the rehabilitation process for any disabled person.

In addition to the general customer employment program, VR has additional specific programs designed to help eligible people with disabilities become employed.
For example:

Medical and Psychological Assessment
Vocational Evaluation and Planning
Career Counseling and Guidance
Training and Education After High School
Job-Site Assessment and Accommodations
Job Placement
Job Coaching
On-the-Job Training
Supported Employment
Assisted Technology and Devices
Time-Limited Medical and/or Psychological Treatment
Finding qualified and dependable employees is one of the greatest challenges many businesses face. People with disabilities have the talents, skills and abilities you might not realize. As small business owners, we have the ability to make a difference in a disabled person’s life. In return, we get some of the most dedicated, talented, and enthusiastic employees we could ever hope for. After our great experiences with this organization, we want to encourage all of the businesses we work with to consider hiring one (or more!) of the many candidates available through Vocational Rehabilitation.

You can contact Vocational Rehabilitation at (954) 893-5093.