About Us.

Founded in 1995, A.R.E. Construction Utility was built on the idea that underground boring could be done quickly, professionally, and most importantly, with little to no impact to the job site. Starting with just a jack and bore, A.R.E. became an early adopter and a leader in the directional bore industry as new technologies were developed.

Our People

ARE Employees
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Here at A.R.E., there is almost nothing we value higher than the loyalty, dedication, and development of our employees. Through rigorous training, excellent communication, and incentives like quarterly profit sharing, we are proud to have a history of recruiting hardworking, long-time employees. Happy employees lead to more efficient work, done quicker and with a better safety record. Those all lead to savings we can pass along to our customers!

Our Safety Commitment

Its A.R.E.’s belief that no level of injury is acceptable on the job. All accidents can be prevented, and with the safety training and regulations we have in place, you can be confident that your job site will be a safe one.

The employees of A.R..E work on a daily basis with high voltage electrical facilities, an unforgiving work environment where mistakes can be deadly. Therefore we make safety at ARE our top priority.

Safety responsibility are paramount at all levels of A.R.E. Our employees are responsible for their safety for each work task, on each job site, always! It is A.R.E. Management’s responsible to support our safety effort and to enforce all applicable federal, state, client and company safety rules.

    Work sites and work operations are monitored for safety compliance and analyzing the work under their supervision to identify and correct potential safety hazards. Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Maintaining physical protections in their work areas.
  • Reinforcing employee training on the nature of potential hazards in their work and on needed protective measures.
  • Distributing continual performance feedback.
  • Enforcement of safe work practices by monitoring employee work operations and documenting employee competency in the performance of work related skills.

Analyzing safety, incident, claim and inspection data for trending and statistical analysis that helps us direct our safety efforts and establish and expand our safety policies.

A.R.E. databases all job site and work operation information as well as accidents, incidents, claim information, job site photographs and safety inspections results. Using Accu-TracPro Tracking Software, A.R.E. management and supervisors have instant access to job information, incident reports related to a job and job site photographs.

Our emphasis is on empowering our employee in a safety partnership that increases safety awareness and performance. A.R.E. conduct safety training on an ongoing basis. We believe that maintaining a constant dialogue that promotes safety, addressing hazard awareness and educate employee and management about safety keeps all the members of our A.R.E. family safe.

Our Equipment

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Because of the specialized nature of A.R.E.’s work, we’ve made it a priority to own our own equipment Owning this equipment, versus subcontracting allows us the opportunity to know that we are using the safest, most well maintained tools for the job.

Large scale projects at A.R.E. have included huge jobs drilling under rivers, interstates, rail roads and preserves. These jobs would take weeks and lay thousands of feet of pipe, and used machines with up to 120,000 lbs of pull force.

As the technology advanced and the demand for smaller jobs grew, A.R.E began to focus their specialized skills on not only maintaining large scale work, but also working on jobs of that required the skill and machinery to reach places no one had been able to grasp before. A.R.E. began working with machines so compact they can fit into a back yard, and light weight enough as to not leave tracks in private yards. Even hand held machines for a single 1″ pipe for short distances under a driveway or sidewalk were developed for the smallest of jobs.

Our Technology

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A.R.E. Utility Construction is powered by Accu-TracPro – our job tracking system that does so much more. Specifically designed for the utility construction industry, Accu-Trac tracks every aspect of the job from proposal to invoice, and all the steps in between. It keeps our job scheduling accurate and efficient which keeps your job on-time.

We believe good communication is the framework for a great working relationship and Accu-Trac keeps us in touch with our customers before their job is even started. All customers receive automatic e-mails that confirm when crews will be at the job site and constant reporting until the job is finished.
Real-time financial tracking of each job gives us confidence that we are providing the most competitive price to our customers and a fair and consistent margin will keep us in business for years to come.

Most of our business is not done sitting behind a desk, so when we are out in the field, the Accu-TracMobile Android app allows us to build proposals, take pictures and gives us access to all drawings, blueprints, tickets and job notes. Uploading data from the truck saves time at the office and allows supervisors to spend more time visiting jobs and less time on paperwork.
A.R.E. Utility Construction is Accu-TracPro’s exclusive licensee in the southeast United States.

Our Leadership

SteveSteve ​Wertheimer
C.E.O.​​​​​​​​​​ and Owner​

​Working at A.R.E. since 1995, Steve’s goal is to make life long devotees out of customers of A.R.E. Utility Construction, Inc. In order to do that, he strives to give them hassle free, complaint free, burden free conduit installation with the end result better and cheaper than they or anyone else can do it.

​Steve is also an avid sky diver and has traveled all over the world to participate in several world-record jumps.

PetePete Scanniello

Pete has worked in the high voltage underground construction industry since 1987, starting in the field and working his way through the ranks of foreman, and supervisor before reaching his current position of President of A.R.E.

Pete’s favorite thing about working at A.R.E. is the challenge he finds in making difficult jobs go smoothly. He also enjoys the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with valued customers and employees.

Pete lives with his wife Denise, 2 dogs and 6 cats. They all love fishing and almost anything outdoors.

BobBob Peyton
Safety Manager

Working in the Safety Management field for the past 43 years, Bob has authored several books on safety in the workplace and is a licensed Safety Consultant and Safety Instructor.

Bob’s says he loves his job because his work at A.R.E. provides an opportunity to make a positive impact on peoples lives on a daily basis. His role as an educator and a motivator helps keep A.R.E. employees focused on safety in every task they do. Bob’s goal is to have a zero accident day, every day! Under Bob’s guidance, we are proud to say that A.R.E. has recently achieved a four-year accident free record.

In his free time, Bob has been a Scoutmaster since 2004. He is an Eagle Scout and the father of two Eagle Scouts. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends and he likes to travel.