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Nothing Boring About It: Drilling Though a Maze of Underground Cables

A.R.E Utility Construction successfully buries a dozen conduits 43-Feet below street level. By Linda Bridges MIAMI, FL–Unbeknownst to most surrounding residents and businesses, A.R.E. Utility Construction, Inc. recently buried twelve 450-foot long conduits 43-feet below North Miami Avenue–without digging a lengthy ditch or disrupting utility service. The 6-inch conduits will house power cables for a […]

What is Horizontal Boring?

Horizontal Boring, also called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), is the ideal solution for the installation of gas, electric, water, and telecommunication lines underground, without the need for excavation, trenching, or cut-and-cover methods in congested urban environments. A.R.E. Utility Construction’s HDD equipment installs utilities by accurately pilot boring from point-to-point underground. An experienced A.R.E. operator uses […]